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NIRSA Club Basketball

NIRSA Club Basketball

League play for everyone, part of the NIRSA Championship Series

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Updated: August 9, 2021

The NIRSA Championship Series has opened registration for Club Basketball. NIRSA Championship Series leadership, NIRSA HQ, and the NIRSA Services Corporation Board will continue to monitor the precautions from NIRSA member institutions, CDC, state and local public health organizations regarding events and gathering, travel, testing, COVID-19 policies, and social distancing.

Please contact Matt Dunigan, Tori Landron or Nicole Jackson if you have any questions or concerns

Club teams will have the opportunity to participate in the NIRSA Club Basketball Conference which is dedicated to providing a premier championship experience.

In addition to the opportunities for club teams, campus recreation professionals and institutions will have the chance to gain relevant career experience and hosting experience through the facilitation of play at NIRSA Club Basketball Conference club events.

Team registration and scheduling for the league will take place at NIRSA IMLeagues.

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Men’s Divisions

Northeast Division

Northeastern University 

Northwest Division

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