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NIRSA Basketball

Club Basketball

League play for everyone, part of the NIRSA Championship Series

Why Club Basketball?

Students will have the chance to participate in conference division play that is devoted to facilitating good competition between club teams in their area.

In addition to expanded opportunities for club teams, campus recreation professionals and institutions will have the chance to gain relevant career experience and NIRSA hosting experience through the facilitation of play at NIRSA Club Basketball Conference club events.

Team registration and scheduling for the league will take place at NIRSA IMLeagues.

NIRSA Club Basketball IMLeagues

Registration and Conference Structure


  1. Registration opens August 15 and remains open until October 3
  2. Clubs can register and show interest without financial commitment
  3. Clubs will be contacted when there are enough teams for a Division to form
  4. Clubs in formed Divisions have until November 1st to arrange payment options (see Conference Fees)
  5. All registration takes place at


Eligibility standards will remain consistent with current NIRSA Championship Series eligibility guidelines. All standards must be met and maintained for students to participate throughout the season. Teams are required to submit a player verification form prior to each weekend round robin throughout the basketball season.

Sportsmanship Statement

The NIRSA Championship Series believes good sportsmanship is an integral component of intercollegiate competition. Please read the complete Sportsmanship Statement


Division Play

League Format

  • Clubs are committing to 3 weekends of play for the Club Basketball Conference
  • All play starts in the Spring and must be completed before April 1st so Divisional winners can be determined for Nationals
  • Clubs that miss a weekend of play will have to work with the Committee and Division to reschedule if possible
  • Division standings will determine Divisional Champion at the conclusion of club event play
  • Divisional players receive paid entry into the NIRSA National Basketball Tournament


  • Travel limited to 4-6 hours at most for conference play
  • All officiating and athletic training fees covered during conference play
  • Paid entry into one NIRSA Regional Tournament of the club’s choice
  • Paid entry into National Basketball Tournament for Conference Division winners
  • Two opportunities to win your way to Nationals!
  • Dedicated NIRSA professionals with relevant club management experience
  • Hotel discounts
  • Guaranteed Conference play games
  • Minimal administrative duties for club captains
  • No additional hidden costs to play

Conference Fees

The NIRSA Club Basketball Conference dues are $933 per club per season, which can be broken into three easy payments of $311, due November 1, February 1 and March 1. With the dues clubs get:

  • 6-12 season games of Divisional club competition
  • All officiating fees covered
  • All athletic training fees covered
  • One NIRSA Regional Tournament entry of the club’s choice
  • Divisional Conference winners get paid entry into the NIRSA National Basketball Championships at The Ohio State University

Where do your dues go? NIRSA wants to be as transparent as possible with the students and professionals that decide to participate in NIRSA Series events. The following is a cost estimate breakdown on the Club Basketball Conference per club:

  • $300 for entry into NIRSA Regional Tournament
  • $400 for entry into NIRSA Club Basketball Conference events
    1. Covers three person officiating costs
    2. Covers licensed Athletic Trainer costs for entire event
    3. Covers costs of staffing for event staff
  • $150 for Division Champion entry into National Tournament

$83 for liability insurance to provide coverage for schools that host Club Basketball Conference Events


Student officials are a critical component of the NIRSA Championship Series tournaments. The integrity of the current student development format will continue to be upheld with the NIRSA Club Basketball Conference. Student officials will be used for regular season play. All games will be played using the three person officiating system to ensure the same level of quality that is expected at NIRSA Regional and National tournaments.

League Contact Information

NIRSA Club Basketball Work Team

Chair: Ashley Lax, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Why Club Basketball Matters

College students are at the heart of our club basketball league

We strongly believe in providing students with the best opportunity for competition, professional development, and fair play. The growth of basketball clubs on college and university campuses across North America has increased dramatically over the last several years.

In 2014, 56 of the 84 teams who competed in the NIRSA National Basketball Championships were club teams. NIRSA basketball events have become a vital part of our profession’s opportunity to inspire and educate not only the students playing on club teams, but also the officials who regulate and the staff members who coordinate those events.

Because sport clubs are student organized, participants gain significant experiential learning by developing a constitution, governing themselves, and engaging NIRSA and participating league school’s departments for guidance in decision making and risk management.

The increase in presence of club basketball teams across North America affords us a unique opportunity to expand on the current NIRSA Championship Series basketball structure.

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Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding the league or how to get involved, contact NIRSA Championship Series Club Basketball Work Team Chair, Ashley Lax, Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at University of Wisconsin-Madison, or NIRSA Director of National Sport Programs, Valerie McCutchan.