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NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic
NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic

Mental Skills

Recorded April 6, 2020

Ed Rush, Court Club

Ed Rush, Court Club, was formerly responsible for the on-going recruitment, training and career development of the officiating staff in NBA-D League, WNBA, and NBA. He spent 32 seasons refereeing in the NBA, officiating over 2,000 regular season, 247 playoff and 32 NBA Finals games from 1966-67 through 1996-97. He is currently active with Court Club, which is a national development program for men and women basketball officials and in 2009, he was named by Referee Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in sports officiating history.

Ed speaks on mental skills for officials and how vital they are, see what Ed has to say about them.

Chat Transcript

05:11:34Bonnie Hainline

Great job Kara!

05:14:26Kara Hunter

Thanks Everyone!

05:18:30Kara Hunter

Such a good word of advice Ed!!

05:18:53Jon Broska

can't wait to watch this on replay...awesome stuff!

05:18:53Michael Castaneda

Do not rush the process

05:20:23Rob Rorke

Process over outcome….Huge!

05:21:21Natosha Harris

Inner Swagger...LUV IT

05:21:47Kara Hunter

inner swagger might be my favorite nugget lol

05:23:04Natosha Harris

Find ways to connect...this is good listen in people

05:23:50Kara Hunter

Empathy! Compassion!

05:24:02Natosha Harris

Have compassion & empathy....

05:24:09Natosha Harris

I see you Kara

05:24:28Jon Broska

breaking down barriers

05:24:43Natosha Harris

Preparation & Mutual Respect

05:24:49Tyler Burroughs

We are all in this together

05:25:05Michael Castaneda

Working together to produce a great production

05:25:05Rob Rorke

This interview changed my season…lots of great take-aways

05:25:26Kara Hunter

absolutely..... assistant coaches become head coaches one day! don't forget that!!

05:25:30Kevin Martin

we all have a hard job

05:25:37Natosha Harris

Different methods to approach situations, tools in the toolbox

05:28:29Natosha Harris

Nothing personal

05:29:07Natosha Harris

Build Relationships...

05:30:10Joaquin Vidal-Collazo

Very very true!!

05:31:48Natosha Harris

This is so good! This is beyond plays, these are life tools!!!

05:31:55Nick Zivkovic

I had an interesting scenario with using coaches names. I asked coach his name before the game (I typically look up their name prior to going on the court, but this game was a tournament so we didn’t know the teams until we got out there). It was loud in the facility, and the crew misheard his name. Needless to say, the first time I went to talk to him, his initial reaction was yelling “_____ ISNT MY NAME” and made it known that we had his name incorrect. I brought him down with some of the tools I’d been taught about coaches, but a first for me. Any advice on a situation like that?

05:32:49Jon Broska

i'd suggest humility and apology

05:32:50Michael Castaneda

This can be used in all aspects of life. Officiating, Campus Rec Leaders, Career Development

05:33:15Jon Broska

Absolutely @Michael!!!

05:34:08Natosha Harris

Are actions & communication ones that help the game?

05:36:06Natosha Harris

Read every you more than anything?

05:38:03Michael Castaneda

Everyone is in fear of the unknown

05:38:04Nell Sandring Wesemann

While we're discussing personality on the court: I've been told by a few people that I "look too serious" or "need to smile more" when I officiate. What's your advice about things like that?

05:39:13Jon Broska

@Nell i'll try to get that question to Ed as we go along

05:40:38Michael Castaneda

First call = quality call

05:41:51Shana Kessler

I’ve gotta go to my next zoom meeting but thank you all for a fantastic clinic!

05:42:00Natosha Harris

Welcome to the club Nell...I've gotten the same. Think about why don't you smile or why are you serious? Trying to focus, don't want to mess up, is it certain situations, plays or position, etc.. When you practice court work video tape & analyze your face gestures. Use partners and friends to help you with this that's my two cents.

05:42:17Natosha Harris

Thanks for being on Shana, appreciate you!

05:45:38Emily Murphy

I wanted to send my thanks and appreciation to all the administrators and guest speakers who were able to coordinate this virtual clinic and provide another incredible developmental opportunity for us all. It was great & hope to see some of you soon!

05:46:01Emily Murphy

Love learning from you all!

05:46:06Natosha Harris

Aww thanks Emily, we appreciate you!

05:46:13Jon Broska

Thanks for taking the time to learn and grow Emily!

05:46:52Michael Castaneda

Thanks Emily!!!

05:47:04Luke Bettencourt

Nell, I’ve gotten the same criticism. I’ve started to smile more in dead ball situations (before administering throw ins or free throws) and when talking to coaches, players, and my partners... staying away from doing it during live play. I also tell my partners out loud “good call” after a call that evokes emotion from players. I think it gives off the impression that I’m not always angry or serious. Instead, I’m supportive and also a good partner

05:47:08Rob Rorke

Welcome to Court Club Justina, anyone else for your 30 day trial

05:48:37Joaquin Vidal-Collazo


05:48:58Natosha Harris

Luv the whiteboard, classic & effective

05:48:59Rob Rorke

Today was 4 days of camp in a zoom session, great job by

05:49:06Rob Rorke


05:49:11Rob Rorke

NIRSA and all involved

05:49:22Natosha Harris

Yes is was, AWESOME

05:49:48Jon Broska

Thanks Rob! We so appreciate your involvement!!!

05:50:19Michael Castaneda

Amazing experience with everything that is going on in the world with the pandemic. Promoting positivity and growth during these times.

05:50:39Natosha Harris

Thanks Ed! We miss y'all too 🙂

05:50:54Natosha Harris


05:51:02Tyler Bandhoo

This was awesome! It really felt like a whole camp in a couple of hours!! Thank you all

05:51:16Michael Moss

Thank you everyone!! This was great!!

05:51:23Fernie Perez

Thank you everyone who was a part of putting this together. I really appreciate it!

05:51:46Natosha Harris

Thanks Michael, Fernie we appreciate you

05:51:56Rob Rorke

Welcome Kara…you just made Eds day I’m sure, you’re going to be his prized mentee

05:52:03Valerie McCutchan

Thanks to all the speakers! Thanks for giving of your time and expertise. Thanks Jon, Natosha & Michael for leading us today.

05:52:14Collin Nelson

Thank you all for the time and effort spent making this clinic a possibility during these difficult times. It is amazing to learn and try to absorb all the knowledge from you all.

05:52:41Natosha Harris

Thanks Val! We appreciate you and your support

05:52:45Rob Bruner

This was a great session! Very thankful for everyone's time, help, and support today!

05:52:50Kevin Martin


05:52:51Michael Castaneda

Thank you to Rob & Ed!! Really appreciated helping the NIRSA community

05:52:57Natosha Harris

Thanks Collin we appreciate you

05:53:17Natosha Harris

Thanks Kevin, we appreciate you

05:53:21Michael Castaneda

Thanks Val for giving us this opportunity

05:55:02Nick Zivkovic

I think we could watch today’s zoom for a month straight and would still be pulling out nuggets to write down. Great group of guests and sessions! Thanks to all of you for your time and passing along what you’ve learned in your careers!

05:55:30Natosha Harris

Thank you Nick, great points...tons of nuggets

05:55:40Rob Rorke

Please join us on Monday during our next Facebook Live which is open to public, just like our facebook page Court Club Elite

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