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NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic
NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic

You Make The Call

Recorded April 6, 2020

Kara Hunter, Loyola University Maryland

Kara Hunter, Loyola University Maryland, is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at Loyola University Maryland. She began her officiating career with intramurals as a graduate student at North Carolina State University. She currently officiates in the A10, MAAC, Ivy League, ASUN, MEAC, America East Conference, Patriot League, and North East Conference. Kara is also fortunate to be in the NBA grassroots program and hopes to add to the growing number of women in professional basketball.

Focus on what goes on during your own games as we watch Kara’s presentation showing us some of her own games to teach officials how to recognize various calls and situations.

Chat Transcript

04:22:05Luke Bettencourt

you can mute the specific tab by clicking the audio icon

04:22:37Natosha Harris

Luv the luv for Court Club!

04:24:26Natosha Harris

Mamba Mentality

04:31:08Tori Landron

the lead should have moved quicker and stopped widening once she recognized the drive

04:31:20Keenan Souve

That lead way over-rotated

04:31:28Malik Galbraith

I always have trouble with hesitating to rotate in fear I rotate into a drive, what are ways to work on fixing this?

04:31:31Nate Cearley

Court Club’s teaching has catapulted my development into an atmosphere that would not be possible without it. I have opportunities for mentorship with D1 referees and NBA referees, chances to work on National TV, and countless friendships through Court Club. You are doing yourself a disservice by not being a member. 30 days For $1? Incredible content for a buck.

04:31:39Natosha Harris

Lead should recognize the drive and stop & go back

04:34:37Scott Flickinger

Hi all, time to wrangle the toddler. Thanks for this fantastic event everyone!

04:34:55Michael Castaneda

Bye Flick!

04:35:40Tori Landron

trail needs to step down and stay engaged

04:36:02Sophie Rattray

Who is she screening though?

04:36:16Natosha Harris

Thanks for being on Flick...get that toddler!

04:37:03Luke Mrakovich

how would you sell that illegal screen call so everyone knows what you have

04:37:49Jon Broska

Luke I think mechanics and voice are key here...for purposes of time i'll pass on asking but thank you

04:39:45Jon Broska

*missing the kahoot music right now* 😀

04:41:38Natosha Harris

Oooo, whack!

04:42:17Nell Sandring Wesemann

Plays like these are what make women's basketball interesting

04:42:48Jon Broska

kudos to's easy to show plays you get right...she's doing a great job of helping us grow and develop by showing plays she can improve on!!!

04:42:49Tyler Bandhoo

Am I going color blind or did "Blue 24" look like Red 24?

04:43:06Jon Broska

i definitely saw red and white teams lol

04:43:28Natosha Harris

Amen to that Nell...Women's game is sneaky with their movements...gotta be ready

04:43:28Dillon Schimmoeller


04:43:54Natosha Harris

Agree its humbling putting these plays out to an out audience

04:45:08Greg Durham

the fans loved that call. big fans

04:45:41Natosha Harris

Why do officials throw their techs at day someone is going to react and walk towards you

04:45:47Keenan Souve

We need to have a T on that. The arm swipes are too much for college ball.

04:45:58Keenan Souve

Directed at the official

04:46:33Natosha Harris

Technical foul is like any other call don't make emotional or throw it at a player in this moment

04:47:12Nell Sandring Wesemann

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

04:47:26Dillon Schimmoeller

Love the t-swift reference Nell

04:48:03Tyler Burroughs

Good quote @Nell Wesemann, wonder were you heard that

04:48:08Tyler Burroughs

where* sheesh

04:48:37Nell Sandring Wesemann

To everyone: That is a direct quote from THE Tyler Burroughs of Kansas State University

04:48:50Jon Broska

I hope everyone got that nugget. By a different official calling the T instead of the one that called the foul, you prevent the coach or player from thinking the one ref is out to get them...HUGE!!!

04:49:00Kaylee Grant

Don’t make his head bigger than it already is @Nell

04:49:21Michael Castaneda


04:49:45Laken Johnson

Very true @Kaylee

04:49:52Dillon Schimmoeller

Tyler Burroughs jacked that quote from Taylor Swift and I can't be convinced otherwise

04:50:08Nell Sandring Wesemann

You may be right Dillon but you

04:50:11Nell Sandring Wesemann

have to ask

04:50:58Kaylee Grant

Is Tyler Burroughs a closeted T-Swift fan? The world may never know

04:50:59Tyler Burroughs

I collaborated on using such verbiage with a former Supervisor. They may have borrowed it from miss T Swift. Until this very moment, I was unaware that she may have coined such a phrase

04:51:12Tyler Burroughs

thusly, I plead no contest

04:51:25Jon Broska

Hey all! Appreciate the love and fun...let's just make sure people can find the tips/nuggets as well

04:52:19Joaquin Vidal-Collazo

Snaps!! Working on patience is humbling but really helps in the long run

04:52:52Natosha Harris

Impact of our whistle....

04:53:05Rob Rorke

This is how you should look at your video, great honest self assessment and working the deep dive approach by Kara

04:53:38Natosha Harris

Agreed Rob

04:54:18Dillon Schimmoeller

As a young official still learning to properly break down my film its great observing someone else's process!

04:54:26Rob Rorke

She is making herself vulnerable for self improvement, that is clearly why she has success and has risen to the

04:54:29Rob Rorke

D1 level

04:55:35Jon Broska

Very impressive approach to video work….love the observations on body language …the non verbals

04:58:48Jon Broska

Just a reminder to use the google drive to see these plays if they are choppy for you

05:00:44Jon Broska

05:00:48Jon Broska

see if this link works

05:00:49Tori Landron


05:02:50Tyler Bandhoo

It does, thanks JOn

05:03:35Natosha Harris

That's a tough play...

05:04:13Natosha Harris

Open looks and angles are huge

05:04:14Jon Broska

sure is

05:05:02Tori Landron

courage for center to come in and make that call

05:05:04Natosha Harris

Center would have to step on court for credibility on this play if the put a whistle on it

05:05:26Jon Broska

I think at the IM or even HS level it's really really tough to come that far

05:05:41Dillon Schimmoeller


05:05:56Sophie Rattray

When kahoot is done… so I don’t forget is there a program you suggest that works well for officials to cut plays?

05:06:14Jon Broska

I like VLC Media Player

05:06:25Jon Broska

it's free too

05:06:34Tori Landron

second that!

05:06:52Tori Landron

if on ipad or iPhone i also use the screen record funcction

05:06:53Luke Bettencourt

if you have a MacBook, iMovie is great too

05:07:32Natosha Harris

Allow the players to clear you before you report...they messing up your awesome report 🙂

05:08:24Jon Broska

congrats Tori!!!

05:08:33Michael Castaneda


05:08:35Natosha Harris

HECKY YEAH Tori, Michael and Nathan

05:08:46Tori Landron

thank you, thank you!

05:09:01Natosha Harris


05:09:04Tori Landron

this was great kara, thank you so much for putting yourself out there. the detail you put into your process is amazing

05:09:09Rob Rorke

Nice job Kara!

05:09:11Michael Castaneda


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