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NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic
NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic

Situational Awareness

Recorded April 6, 2020

Rob Rorke, Court Club

Rob Rorke, Court Club, since 2011 he has served as Director of Training/Development, Court Club Elite.  In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Court Club Elite Foundation founded in 2019 with the mission to help those in need within the officiating community. He also works as a Division I official in the following conferences: SEC, American Athletic, Sun Belt, Atlantic Sun, West Coast, Mountain West, Big West, Big Sky and WAC. His post season assignments include SEC, Atlantic Sun (2 Finals), WCC, Big West, NIT

Rob teaches us about situational awareness on the court with players and coaches.

Chat Transcript

03:31:02Scott Flickinger

Travel, I like where this is going.

03:31:22Natosha Harris

Rob's video is AWESOME!

03:31:50Michael Castaneda

Natosha, he is a Zoom Professional ha

03:31:54Natosha Harris

Wow coach!!!!

03:32:21Tori Landron

definitely not... he's mad about something esle

03:32:33Kevin Martin


03:32:38Natosha Harris

Great point Tori

03:32:53Alexis Nelms

i agree with Tori

03:33:33Natosha Harris

Total situational awareness

03:34:00Jon Broska

Note that Rob said a no-call was the BETTER call...he didn't say it was right or wrong.

03:34:10Tori Landron


03:34:18Natosha Harris

Learn to Catalog plays

03:34:39Natosha Harris

Great catch Broska

03:35:50Natosha Harris

No longer crews responsibility to get coach under control

03:36:47Michael Castaneda

Find your game administrator, also have a conversation with the game administrator before the game begins as part of the pre-game

03:37:42Natosha Harris

Starting out strong...dang Rob

03:37:46Tyler Haman

Great job by his partners by becoming the rodeo clowns in this situation right?

03:37:53Natosha Harris

What We Permit We Promote!!!!

03:39:16Natosha Harris

Luv the rodeo clowns comment so true

03:40:01Nell Sandring Wesemann

Also great job sending teams to benches before initiating conversation with all 3 officials

03:40:11Natosha Harris

Conversation and acknowledgment, address the behavior

03:40:33Natosha Harris

Great point Nell, crew worked well together to take care of ugly situation

03:40:44Tyler Burroughs

A wise man once told me (in referring to Rasheed Wallace at the time): "We don't eject coaches and players. They let us know through their actions when they are done participating"

03:40:49Natosha Harris

Doug Shows

03:42:29Natosha Harris

Thanks for sharing that Tyler...Rasheed Wallace a lot to handle

03:42:48Natosha Harris

When the ball is dead be alive!

03:43:53Crystal Durham

love that, Natosha. Wrote that one down for future staff trainings

03:44:02Michael Castaneda

Serve and Protect!

03:44:24Natosha Harris

We get a really good one look obvious vs illegal tells its own story = its obvious!

03:44:41Natosha Harris

Serve and Protect! Luv it!

03:45:21Michael Castaneda

Serve the team losing, but protect the team winning

03:46:28Natosha Harris

Thanks Crystal….Great quote Mike

03:52:44Jon Broska

problems just don't go away

03:53:42Jon Broska

that doesn't mean always go to a technical and be adversarial...find ways to improve the situation

03:55:01Natosha Harris

Dead Ball awareness...stay with what is going to hurt you or put problems into your game = players

03:55:59Joaquin Vidal-Collazo

My only comment about that play is getting in front of that player to T him up in that manner and then pointing at them

03:56:26Joaquin Vidal-Collazo

The technical foul is 100% defendable, but I also don't want to show up a player in that way

03:56:33Natosha Harris

Timeout is not the time to relax its a time to be aware

03:57:07Tyler Burroughs

Little extra lemon with that T

03:57:17Kevin Martin

What you allow you encouage

03:58:02Joaquin Vidal-Collazo

Thanks, Ed!

03:58:21Natosha Harris

Great point Joaquin and great follow-up Ed

04:01:48Jon Broska


04:02:21Natosha Harris

Consequence of our whistle....high impact matched with high certainity

04:02:45Natosha Harris

Embellishment is EVIL!

04:04:03Joaquin Vidal-Collazo

I think it's worth mentioning that Lead can trust C to make a decision on this play since L was still finishing his rotation

04:04:11Natosha Harris

Great blocked shot... NICE!

04:05:10Natosha Harris

Reduce surprises

04:05:11Michael Castaneda

Always ask yourself this question “What did the defender do wrong/illegal?

04:05:11Nell Sandring Wesemann

Can we discuss how C had many players in front of her vision for that action? Even if the play is hers

04:06:00Jon Broska

the C broke into jail on that one...nobody says a word to her if she doesn't blow. Hence why we want discipline and understanding our primary and when to leave it

04:06:04Natosha Harris

Fo' sho Mike! Yes we can Nell

04:06:29Natosha Harris

Great point Broska

04:07:24Tyler Haman

I have a questions about what factor patience comes into play in these situations, especially on that first charge call. Does having a patient whistle in these situations and letting yourself process more help? Is this a way to help yourself in these situations?

04:07:31Natosha Harris


04:07:37Michael Castaneda

We promote buckets

04:08:01Natosha Harris

Great question Tyler we will ask after Nell's question

04:10:15Natosha Harris

Sometimes you have to through the manual out the window...situational awareness

04:10:58Sophie Rattray

no lead help either

04:11:11Michael Castaneda

You are right Sophie

04:11:46John Schellhase

should the lead be as wide as possible on that play? he seems to be very closed down

04:12:45Kevin Martin

Outstanding Rob

04:13:22Scott Flickinger

Surgical precision breakdown.

04:13:36Natosha Harris

Late and right is never wrong!

04:13:54Shane Land

Nice presentation rob. Good stuff

04:14:08Tori Landron

this was great rob, thank you!

04:14:22Jeff Logsdon

very good presentation!

04:15:10Natosha Harris

Try to not blow on contact

04:15:55Natosha Harris

Block/charge plays get to the defender early

04:16:57Natosha Harris

Was the offensive player under control?

04:18:13Luke Mrakovich

Highly Recommend Court Club

04:18:27Rob Rorke

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