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NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic
NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic

Partnering/Game Management

Recorded April 6, 2020

Natosha Harris, University of Kentucky

Natosha Harris, University of Kentucky, is currently the Intramural Director at the University of Kentucky and is a current Division I women’s basketball official. She works in several conferences and last season she was selected to work her first NCAA Women’s Division I Tournament. In 2011, she worked the Division II National Championship Game and in 2012, the NAIA Division I Championships. Natosha is an active member of NIRSA, serving as an official’s clinician at state, regional and National tournaments.

Natosha speaks about being on a crew and all the skills behind what it takes to be a good partner.

Chat Transcript

02:37:40Sheldon Tate

Gotta duck out for an HRL meeting. I shall return. Keep learning! Tate

02:37:52Jon Broska

Thank you Tate!!!

02:37:54Jon Broska


02:38:22Jon Broska

Great Job Tate and Bonnie!

02:38:40Michael Castaneda

Thank you to Bonnie & Tate!!

02:53:06Matt Dunigan

Clip played pretty well

02:56:06Jarrode Davis

we out here (but don't call on me)

02:56:13Tyler Bandhoo


02:56:20Michael Castaneda

You are next Jarrode

02:56:34Kevin Martin

I like the call was there a candence W..?

02:56:35Joshua Dietrich

Odds that Jarrode gets called on next?

02:58:12Scott Flickinger


02:58:17Jon Broska

i'm curious how this call in front of the lead affects the crew dynamic between the center and the lead?

02:58:31Crystal Durham

I was thinking the same thing, Broska

02:58:32Matt Dunigan

Coach reaction to the play

02:58:35Crystal Durham

great breakdown, Nell!

02:58:41Kevin Martin


02:58:44Adam Minnick

Good Job Nell!

02:58:50Rob Rorke

That was an excellent breakdown, also look at C positioning…1 step to the right, moving opposite the play would have even improved look more

03:01:21Nell Sandring Wesemann

Thanks everyone!

03:03:05Scott Flickinger

Mike: Not important immediately, but how do you balance taking obvious off the table, and those officials with a "stay out of my primary 100%" mentality?

03:04:51Crystal Durham

nice job, Cristian

03:05:01Scott Flickinger

Nice work!

03:07:07Matt Dunigan

Great work you all! Going to my next zoom!

03:07:37Cristian Gade

Thanks everyone!

03:09:23Jay Scott

How did the other coach react? Or did you have a conversation with them?

03:13:27Luke Mrakovich

Ap arrow

03:13:40Keenan Souve


03:14:32Dillon Schimmoeller

Could you argue the lane violation disrupted the shooter and caused the airball?

03:15:11Crystal Durham

nice, Tyler!

03:15:16Dan Wrenholt

Go Tyler!

03:16:43Keenan Souve

Dillon, no. No ill intent to deceive just tried to go too early. It would have to be obvious to argue that, and I've never seen that called on a bottom post rebounder.

03:17:15Dillon Schimmoeller

Thanks Keenan

03:18:56Tyler Bandhoo

Even though there is a block foul signaled and then a charge foul signaled you can make it one or the other? I have always seen a double foul been called when there is a blarge

03:19:11Tori Landron

in college both m/w you can pick

03:19:19Tori Landron

HS rules you have to go with a double foul

03:19:19Crystal Durham

I believe high school requires you to report both

03:19:20Marty Dempsey

Just women Tori

03:19:28Tori Landron

my bad!

03:19:30Marty Dempsey

we are dumb on the men's side

03:19:34Marty Dempsey


03:19:54Tyler Bandhoo

Thanks guys! lol

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