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NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic
NIRSA Basketball Officials Clinic


Recorded April 6, 2020

Bonnie Hainline, Southern Methodist University & Sheldon Tate, Texas Christian University

Bonnie Hainline, Southern Methodist University, is the Assistant Director of Intramurals and Sport Clubs at Southern Methodist University. She has been an active high school basketball official since 2006 and has worked regional finals and two state tournaments. She has also worked women’s NCAA college basketball since 2013, experiencing Division I, II, III, NAIA, and JUCO levels of play.

Sheldon Tate, Texas Christian University, is currently the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation at Texas Christian University. He has been an active high school basketball official in Texas for over a decade and has worked multiple regional quarter finals and one state championship with the UIL as well as 3 state championships in the TAPPS. He has also worked as a men’s NCAA college official for 9 years at the Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA, and JUCO levels.

Bonnie and Sheldon take us through the importance of pregaming every time, learn about how pregaming can make a difference in your next game.

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02:02:38Natosha Harris

Here’s a link for videos in Natosha’s session on partnering @ 3:00pm

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02:04:36Natosha Harris

You're welcome

02:15:52Matt Dunigan

knowledge nuggets galore!!

02:25:21Natosha Harris

This is GREAT stuff: Bonnie & Tate Dynamic Duo

02:25:51Scott Flickinger

Sheldon Tate & Bonnie Hainline = national treasures

02:26:22Rachael Rayford


02:26:32Natosha Harris

End With the WHY: BRILLIANT!

02:27:26Matt Dunigan

I feel like I’m getting a free virtual camp.... #outstanding .. where is the donation plate!

02:27:47Jon Broska

Great crew dynamics with Bonnie and Tate…easy to listen to….AND great information

02:27:49Jon Broska

send your donations to Jon Broska Incorporated...2111 Gotcha Drive

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02:29:49Tyler Bandhoo

Thank you guys!!

02:29:59Natosha Harris

Great question Broska...listen up y'all

02:30:57Luke Mrakovich

what are some ways a younger official caneffectively pregame if he/she is put as the crew chief on a game with 2 older officials

02:31:00Jarrode Davis

Tate: You wanna drop that Pre-Game document for your fans in the files section?

02:31:47Matt Dunigan

I second that motion.

02:32:28Natosha Harris

Sneaky pre-game...yeah Bonnie

02:33:42Natosha Harris

Tate's personality ALWAYS shines!

02:35:13Natosha Harris

What do you have...what did we forget?AWESOME

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