The 2018 NIRSA Soccer Open Division Lottery went live on Friday, October 5, at 9:00am PST — open draw is now closed

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News from NIRSA Headquarters

NIRSA affirms its support of inclusive environments for transgender individuals

In late October the New York Times reported that the Department of Health and Human Services indicated their intent to adopt an explicit, binary definition of gender. The New York Times article’s authors suggest: “The

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Register for the NIRSA National Flag Football Championships

NIRSA Championship Series flag football season has begun! With regionals kicked off on October 19 the season is just starting. Regionals continue into early December leading us right into our National Flag Football Championships taking

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The 2018 Soccer Lottery determines Open Division teams

Once again, NIRSA used a lottery drawing to decide which teams would participate in the Open Division at the 2018 NIRSA National Soccer Championships. The lottery draw took place at Florida State University’s soccer stadium

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Apply to be a basketball staff member this season

Looking for something to do this spring? Well look no further than NIRSA regional and national basketball tournaments! The NIRSA regional basketball season kicks off in late February with our first tournament and continues until

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Flag football and soccer regional tournaments start next week

The date has been set, the staff is getting ready, and the fields are being prepped—hello NIRSA regional fall tournament season! The NIRSA Championship Series is ecstatic for not only flag football regionals to start

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Open Division lottery draw for 2018 NIRSA soccer

The 2018 NIRSA National Soccer Championships are heading to Foley, Alabama for the 25th anniversary tournament. Ninety-six teams from across the continent will compete across the Open and Championship Divisions for the title of NIRSA

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2018 NIRSA Soccer Open Division Drawing

The drawing goes live on Friday, October 5, at 9:00am PST.

Join David Peters from Florida State University for the drawing as well as Marty Dempsey, University of Florida, and Chris McAlpine, University of Texas at Dallas, for commentary.

Get details here.

Come one, come all, come work a NIRSA flag football event this season

The NIRSA Championship Series is excited to have the flag football regional season starting in just under a month! We have our hosts, we have our tournament directors, and we have our regional staff, but

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The NIRSA Championship Series Soccer Lottery Draw is October 5

Come one, come all for another exciting NIRSA National Soccer Lottery Draw! Find out if the odds are in your favor to be selected for the Open Division this year. The 25th Annual NIRSA National

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In appreciation of NIRSA soccer’s unsung volunteers

Volunteering at a NIRSA Championship Series regional or national tournament is a great opportunity for any NIRSA member who’s interested in joining the NIRSA Soccer Family. Leadership positions will be posted again in the spring

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