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NIRSA Championship Series

Staff & Officials

NIRSA Championship Series


Be sure to check out our new Student Officials Development page for resources — and how you can contribute.

Develop professionally as a NIRSA Championship Series staff member

The NIRSA Championship Series Committee has developed the following staff structure to coordinate the efforts of the NIRSA Member volunteers and staff who work together to make NIRSA Championship Series national and regional events possible.

Volunteering is a great career opportunity for any recreation professional or student. The professional development experience that volunteering with the NIRSA Championship Series offers is grounded in learning outcomes and professional development goals consistent with NIRSA’s mission and the NIRSA Championship Series guiding principles.

The tournaments are run by NIRSA professionals, who select volunteer applicants based on their stated interests and qualifications.

Representatives of the host institution serve as the Directors of Operations for each tournament. The NIRSA Championship Series Committee will be seeking volunteers for Director of Officials, Director of Competition, and all tournament staff positions. Please review the following information carefully before applying:

Basketball & Flag Football Staff Descriptions & Qualifications
Soccer Staff Descriptions & Qualifications
NIRSA Championship Series Applications
Tournament Staff
Basketball Staff Open Close
Regional Basketball Directors Positions Oct 16 Nov 10
Regional Basketball Staff Positions Oct 16 Nov 17
Regional Officials Positions Dec 11 Varies
National Basketball Directors Positions Oct 16 Nov 6
National Basketball Staff Positions Dec 4 Jan 19
National Officials Positions Feb 6 Mar 26
Flag Football Staff Open Close
Regional Flag Football Director Positions Aug 1 Sept 7
Regional Flag Football Staff Positions Aug 1 Sep 14
Regional Flag Football Officials Positions Sep 18 Contact Host
National Flag Football Directors Positions Sep 15 Oct 11
National Flag Football Officials Positions Nov 3 Dec 8
National Flag Football Staff Positions Sep 22 Oct 24
Special Olympics USA Games Student Officials Nov 1 Jan 7
Soccer Staff Open Close
Regional Soccer Staff Positions Aug 15 Sep 15
Regional Soccer Coordinator Positions Feb 7  Apr 2
National Soccer Staff Positions Aug 1 Sept 8
Tennis Staff Open Close
National Tennis Directors Oct 9 Nov 27
National Tennis Staff Positions  Dec 18 Jan 18
Tournament Host Sites
National Host Applications Open Close
National Basketball Site Aug 10 Oct 31
National Flag Football Site Mar 1 May 7
Regional Host Applications Open Close
Regional Flag Football Sites Feb 2 Mar 28
Regional Basketball Sites Apr 30 June 8
Regional Soccer Sites Mar 1 Apr 16
NIRSA Volunteer Groups
Championship Series Volunteers Open Close
Series Workteams Nov 30 Feb 15
Series Committee Nov 30 Feb 15
Series Exec Team Nov 15 Jan 16
Institutional Registration
National Institutional Registration Open Close
Flag Football Institutional Registration Jun 27 Sept 22
Basketball Institutional Registration Jun 27 Jan 24

NIRSA Flag Football Officials Webinars

2017 NIRSA Regional
Flag Football
Director of Officials Webinar

2017 NIRSA Regional
Flag Football
Student Officials Webinar

Need more information?

Questions about the NIRSA Championship Series can be directed to the NIRSA Director of National Sport Programs, Valerie McCutchan.