At the conclusion of each Championship, our All American Committee presented the best of the best with special recognition and awards.  The All American Team is made up of individual players that have shown exemplary talent and skill over the course of the tournament, demonstrating how valuable their contributions were to their team.  Congratulations to the following individuals earning National All-American honors:

CoRec Division All-American Team

Aleah WendelsHPU-The Dynasty
Ben LodewykHPU-The Dynasty
Taylor HoelscherASU – Troll Tide
Kenzi HusemanASU – Troll Tide
Xavier SanchezASU – Troll Tide
Ryan CollinsDixie State – Trailblazers
Brock Anderson – MVPDixie State – Trailblazers
Taylor Godfrey – MVPDixie State – Trailblazers

CoRec Sportsmanship Award

HPU The Dynasty

Women’s Division All-American Team

Gabriella AlbarrezTexas State – Blazers
Jacie KloseASU – Vixen
Mayela CervantesUANL – Tigres
Andrea DelgadilloUANL – Tigres
Olivia SalzmanFlorida – Gators
Madison MacdougallFlorida – Gators
Brittney Jabot – MVPFlorida – Gators

Women’s Sportsmanship Award

Central Connecticut Lady Legends


Men’s Division All-American Team

Robell TocrurayTexas Southern
Elijah ReynaUTRGV- Ravens
Ruben JimenezASU- Wolfpac
Ovidio AlvrezSouth Texas Space Ghost
Michael LaHoodGeorgia College – UWB
Mitch Risley – MVP Georgia College – UWB


Men’s Sportsmanship Award

UMKC Muslimeen (Not pictured)


All-American Officials

The NIRSA Championship Series recognizes the hard work done by our student officials. 45 officials from 29 institutions of higher education traveled to Round Rock to perfect their craft and receive evaluations by our Officials Committee to help improve their overall officiating. These officials will have taken strides to better develop themselves, and to bring their talents and teachable skills back to their programs to share with their peers. The following officials have been recognized as the 2019 All-American Officials by the Officials Committee:

Benjamin Crane – University of Kentucky
Bret Woosley – Kennesaw State University
Bryce Muller – Grand Valley State University
CJ Rhan – Cornell University
Danny Kendall – University of Central Florida
Josh Hale – Angelo State University
Joshua Smith – University of Maryland
Kyle Planowski – University of Central Florida
Nuri Troy – University of Central Florida
Quincy Smith – Kansas State University