In the last collegiate division championship game of the 2019 tournament, South Texas Space Ghosts faced off against Georgia College UWB for the title.

Early in the first quarter, South Texas ran a touchdown by Ovidio Alvarez #12. A major spin move by Georgia College #9 Blain Williamson brought his team to the goal line to gain. Fourth down at the one yard line, Georgia College took the short reach over the goal line by #4 Mitch Risley for a touchdown. With both teams failing to make their extra point attempts, the score was tied at 6-6 with less than a minute in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, South Texas #12 Alvarez got the touchdown reception with just under nine minutes to bring the score up to 13-6 with a successful extra point attempt. With 5 minutes remaining in the half, Georgia College #4 Risley made some serious hip moves to get the ball off. The entire Georgia College squad seemed to have hips that do not lie – they’re in it to win it. A 50-yard touchdown reception by Chapin Rierson #20 ends the half, with an extra point tying up the score at 13-13.

Starting the second half of the game, Georgia College made the first down look easy. #4 Risley pitched the ball to #7 Joshua Hammond who side stepped up the field before getting his flags pulled. #17 Eric Gutierrez picked the ball and took possession for Southern Texas for the first time this half. Third down and goal, #15 Pedro Salinas threw over the middle to #20 Darren Rivas for a touchdown, bringing the score to 20-13 with a successful extra point with 3:28 on the clock. A touchdown reception by Georgia College’s #22 Garrett Owen and a successful 1 point conversion by #20 Rierson brought the score to a tie with under a minute in the quarter.

The fourth quarter started with another touchdown by Southern Texas #12 Alvarez. The try for one was no good and the score was 26-20 with a running clock at 9:47. Georgia College got the ball and managed to snake by with #23 Matthew Quint making moves along the sideline before getting his flag pulled just short of the 40. #3 Williamson caught a beautiful reception and tip toed down the sideline to make first down and goal. Georgia College #7 Hammond scores and once again the game is TIED! #23 Quint receives the extra point to give Georgia College a 1 point lead with 5 minutes remaining in the quarter.

Southern Texas ran it in downfield and attempted a 2-point conversion. #1 Juan Vargas caught the try in the corner and South Texas takes the lead 34-27 right at the two minute mark. With :35 on the clock, #4 Grisley swept in for a first down and goal to try and make another score. #4 Grisley ran it in tip-toeing by the sideline and makes it over the pylon before his flags could be pulled. With a score of 34-33, and only :19 remaining, Georgia College made a 2-point conversion to take the lead with a catch by #20 Grierson. With :15 on the clock, South Texas had one last chance to try for a Hail Mary throw downfield, but it was incomplete. Time expired as South Texas tried for one more juke down the field. Georgia College UWB are the 2019 Men’s National Champions with a final score of 35-34.