The CoRec National Championship game featured two fantastic teams that had put their opponents through the ringer in pool play to make it to this moment today. Angelo State University Troll Tide faced off against Dixie State University’s Trailblazers for the match-up of the decade (geddit? because it’s technically 2019 but we’re in 2020? Ha!).

Early in the first quarter, Angelo State’s defense came out strong to block Dixie State from advancing the ball downfield, effectively turning over their offense no less than 4 times including two interceptions and a sack.

Dixie State #3 Easton Smith received an interception from a teammate for a 60-yard run down field to the endzone, but a flag on the play for an illegal meant the first chance to put up a touchdown was no good and Angelo State received a safety at the end of the first quarter. The score was 2-0 ASU over Dixie St.

At the start of the second, Dixie State reassessed their strategy for offense. Six minutes in a sweep pass inside the twenty got them to first down and goal. Crisscrossing the field with quick feet, the Trailblazers got their first touchdown by Brock Anderson #0, putting the score at 6-2.

In the final two minutes of the first half, Angelo State pushed back progressively toward the goal line. Third down and goal with :49 on the clock, Troll Tide called a time out to strategize. ASU snapped the ball and successfully threw to ASU #2 Xavier Sanchez for a 6-point touchdown. After another timeout, ASU tries for 1 extra point which is unsuccessful. The score was ASU 8, Dixie State 6 with :42 on the clock.

Back on offense, Dixie State achieves a first down in six seconds, but a sack by Angelo State #7 Kylie Harmon put a stop to them real quick. Third down to the forty, with :11 on the clock, the pass was broken up by ASU. Dixie State gained a few yards but a twist out of bounds ran out the clock, going into halftime with a 8-6 score.

Into the second half, Angelo State started with the ball fortunately facing away from the sun. 6:35 remaining and two first downs achieved. On their next first down attempt the ball was intercepted by Dixie State #0 Brock Anderson for a pick-6 run into the end zone. The extra point was successful giving Dixie State the lead 13-8.

Into the fourth quarter, a touchdown by Dixie State brought the score up 19-8. A sack and a pass breakup by Angelo State’s defense kept Dixie State back off the goal line and kept them there until fourth down. Taylor Godfrey #11 threw a touchdown to Brock Anderson #0 for 9 points. The pass attempt for extra points was incomplete, and the score at the 2-minute mark was 28-8.

Dixie State defense came through in the final minute, taking the ball back from ASU at 20 and goal. The Trailblazers take a knee at :16 to end the game. The Dixie State Trailblazers win the CoRec National Championship against Angelo State Troll Tide with a final score of 28-8.