It’s been a long morning for many of our teams. They’ve powered through before the midday break, and only our winners of each collegiate contest are advancing to the next round of playoffs. Here are your 9:30am and 11:00am game updates:


CoRec Division

UCF Football – 19, TAMUK I Promise You – 6

GS RacYard Bullies – 33, ULM i8amegapi – 19

Mizzou Big Pick Energy – 20, UMD Coed – 10

Stockton U All Stars – 21, SFA NASA – 17



Men’s Division

Georgia College UWB – 60, SFA NASA – 13

NC A&T Finest – 32, CWU 5th Years – 0

UNL Ogallala Aquifers – 33, Bloomsburg – 12

Texas Southern – 45, USAFA Falcons – 6

UTRGV Ravens – 27, UMD Terps – 6

ASU Wolfpac – 38, GS ClampU – 7

TAMUK MH – 28, CSU Running Cougs – 16

South Texas Space Ghost – 27, Slippery Rock 25



In the first round of playoffs for the CoRec division, all 8 teams faced off for their shot at a national title. For Georgia Southern, Cameron Johnson #13 made quite a few impact plays including a key 4th quarter interception that was capped off by a touchdown run by Hayley Dobson #11, which put GS RacYard Bullies up 33-10 over ULM i8amegapi.

On an adjacent field, Stockton had some major offensive players show up in their game against SFA NASA. SFA quarterback Eris White #1 had some moves in the pocket but couldn’t avoid Stockton’s Ashley Lambert #1 who sacked him twice. Notably two interceptions by Pa Joof #9 and Nino Class #17 respectively, and a major pass breakup, ultimately led Stockton to take home the victory 21-17.

In the second round of playoffs for the Men’s division, our remaining 16 teams fought their hardest to stay in the game. In a defensive battle with eight interceptions total, UTRGV Ravens capitalized enough to take home the victory against the UMD Terps. Michael Flores #26 had three sacks in the game with constant pressure to help force four interceptions and scored the late touchdown to put the game away.

Texas Southern faced the Air Force in a impressive game. Mark Williams #2 was all over the field on defense with three interceptions in the 1st half and later added a touchdown reception. Meanwhile on offense, quarterback Robell Tocruray #1 and Demyron Bailey #88 connected on 3 touchdowns. The play of the game was a pass from Tocrurary #1 to Williams #2  for a 40-yard touchdown pass where Williams jumped over two defenders in the end zone.