Saturday morning saw the first round of playoffs for our men’s and women’s collegiate divisions off to a fiery start. At this stage of the tournament, no one wants to be the first team to say goodbye. CoRec first round begins at 9:30am. Here are your updates from the 8:00am games:

Women’s Division

Florida Gators – 26, NC A&T Elite – 0

Texas State Blazers – 32, Central CT Lady Legends – 6

ASU Vixen – 35, UCF Knightmare – 7

Men’s Division

CWU 5th Years – 19, RIT Tigers – 13

CSU Running Cougs – 35, UAM Alpha Omega – 6

USAFA Falcons – 26, Missouri KC Muslimeen – 20

Slippery Rock – 19, UCF 5CF – 6



A major part of this tournament weekend is identifying the players who have stood out as the best of the best in their respective divisions. Our All American Committee has done fantastic work to identify these candidates, highlighting them through their stats, their game-changing plays, and their presence on the field. We look for game changers and game makers. Some of those candidates may have been mentioned in the highlights on this blog, with decisions coming out on our All American players at the conclusion of each championship game on Sunday.

The first round of playoffs can make or break a team’s chances at advancing toward a national title, and can affect a player’s chances at getting that All American recognition. Whether they won or lost this morning, every individual on the field put their best efforts into making an impact.