Blinded by the light, 1:30pm CoRec games were revved up for the sun. Peaking in the sky right beyond the end zone of our fields, it added a traditional but nonetheless cumbersome nuisance to the games for players, staff volunteers, spectators, and officials. But everyone powered through, slapped on some sunscreen at halftime, and made it through the early afternoon games. Here’s your recap of the 1:30pm games:

CoRec Division – Quarterfinals

Dixie State Trailblazers – 38, Mizzou Big Pick Energy – 18

HPU The Dynasty – 45, UCF Football – 17

ASU IM Legends – 46, Stockton U All Stars – 0

ASU Troll Tide – 27, GS RacYard Bullies – 19



HPU rallied around strong performances from Ben Lodewyk #23 who managed to receive one touchdown, one interception, and make three impact plays. Gavin Gomsak #3 also managed two interceptions which turned the winds of favor in the direction of High Point. THe play of the game was made by Katie Cothran #14 as she made a 68-yard touchdown reception from Jonathan Martinuzzi #28 to put HPU up 39-17. UCF’s Lukas Hachey #23 made quite a few impact plays including a 25-yard reception over a defender along with two touchdown catches and an interception, but it was not enough to pull out the victory.

After a 0-0 first half, ASU IM Legends came out swinging with a 60-yard pass play to JAcie Klose #5. She followed with not one, not two, but THREE touchdown receptions in the second half to put Stockton away 46-0.

If you haven’t heard of Dixie State’s Taylor Godfrey #11, she’s been noted by our volunteer staff as a #GOAT in every appearance including this one, with one interception and two touchdowns received.