It’s the moment our teams have been playing for these past three days.  A shot at a title in the NIRSA history books.  An opportunity to walk out of Round Rock, Texas with the title of 2019 CHAMPION.  The final games for all divisions were upon us, and all of them had lived up to the hype and billing.  The sun shone brightly as games began at 1:00pm, and as the sun set on the last game at 5:00pm, so did the conclusion of the tournament.  Just who took home the 2019 titles this year?

Women’s Championship Final
Ohio State 2, Boston College 1

Men’s Championship Final
BYU 3, Ohio State 1

Women’s Open Final
Oregon 2, East Carolina 0

Men’s Open Final
Purdue 2, UCLA 0

Unified Final
Tampa 6, Northern Illinois 2

Women’s Consolation Final
Gonzaga 1, UNC 0

Men’s Consolation Final
Texas Tech 2, Minnesota “A” 1 (OT)

Congratulations to all of our finalists and champions this year!

Another tournament has come and gone for the NIRSA Championship Series, and we would like to extend a thank you to the following individuals and entities for making this national tournament one of the most successful to date:

  • The Round Rock Multipurpose Complex
  • The City of Round Rock Texas
  • Special Olympics North America
  • NIRSA Headquarters
  • The numerous volunteers and officials that took the time to participate and run the tournament, and finally…
  • THE TEAMS!  Without your participation, this tournament is not possible. THANK YOU!!!

That’s it for the 2019 #NIRSASoccer National Championship here in Round Rock, Texas.  To review the pool and bracket play, visit and click on the tabs.  You can review our social media updates on Twitter and Instagram at @nirsachamp.  Finally, check out to see what other opportunities we have for collegiate teams in the Championship Series.

Thank you for participating in the 2019 NIRSA National Soccer Championship, and we hope to see you in 2020!