The morning rolled on as the Championship and Unified division teams made their way to the fields for warm ups.  No one wants to go home after working with such tenacity and energy to get this far, and it showed on the pitch.  As the sun continued to rise overhead, so did the play of the teams.  This was their shot at a national championship, and no one was going down without a fight!

Men’s Championship Semifinals
Ohio State 1, Delaware 0 (OT)
BYU 3, UNC 0

Women’s Championship Semifinals
Boston College 1, Colorado “Gold” 0 (OT)
Ohio State 3, UCLA 0

Unified Semifinals
Northern Illinois 7, SO Texas 1

This is it!  Championship games from here on out!  Our Consolation, Open, and Unified Championships are up next at 1:00pm CST.