The final set of games have come and gone.  The sun has set, and the bite in the air increases, making it vital to stay warm.  These games determine who will appear in the last slots of their respective semifinals.  We have had a lot of great games, and this last hour was no exception.

Men’s Open Bracket
Virginia Tech 1, Arizona 0
Purdue 1, Cornell 0
James Madison 3, Utah Valley 1
UCLA 3, UPenn 2 (OT)

Men’s Championship Bracket
UNC 1, Michigan State 0
BYU 3, Michigan 0

Women’s Championship Bracket
Boston College 1, Colorado State 0
Colorado “Gold” 1, UC-SB 0

We kick it all off tomorrow again, 8:00am sharp CST.  Check out Twitter and Instagram (@nirsachamp) for social media updates, and for bracket and pool result.  Stay warm, and see you tomorrow!