The sun is hanging low and orange in the sky, and our last games are wrapping up for the evening.  While there are just six games on the docket, they are no less energetic than the previous.  All teams have had a chance to size each other up in terms of competition, and now the strategy for day two begins as everyone regroups for the evening, rests up, and looks to put in maximum effort going into tomorrow.

What a game in the Unified Division!  Iowa and Louisville had a battle to end all battles.  Iowa’s streak of 3-point shooting and energy kept them in the game and kept everyone cheering.  Louisville kept it close and contested hitting shots of their own.  It came down to the final shot, and with almost no time left on the clock, Iowa’s Madison Schulte hits the GAME WINNING SHOT to win 39-37!!  It was unreal.


FSU 32, Colorado State 23
Toledo 43, Louisiana 37

Women’s Club

Notre Dame 50, TAMU-CC 30

Men’s Club

Georgia Tech 40, Michigan State 37
Grand Canyon 61, Ohio State 52

We begin again tomorrow at 8:30am local time.  Check out the pictures and updates on Twitter and Instagram at @nirsachamp!  See you bright and early tomorrow!