The 5:10pm games continued to carry the intensity from the first hour of games.  Lots of action could be seen as far as the eye could see as shoes squeaked and cheering could be heard throughout the complex.  More and more fans are appearing the upper level observation areas, which give everyone a great bird’s eye view of the action.

In the Men’s Intramural Division, North Carolina A&T, a perennial competitor in the Series, came out strong and gained a huge first win.  They defeated Missouri S&T by a score of 79-34.  A&T’s Clayvon Croom was HUNGRY for stats, picking up 24 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 block for the winning team.

In the Women’s Club Division, the University of Virginia, perhaps motivated by their men’s varsity counterpart winning their NCAA Tournament, came away with a huge victory to give them a 1-0 start.  They beat Colorado State 35-20.  Ashley Barnes for Virginia had 17 points, 15 of them from five 3-point shots.

Here are the rest of the scores:

Men’s Club

Wisconsin 52, NC State Team Wolf 34
NC State Team Pack 73, Illinois 52

Women’s Club

Delaware 34, Marquette 23
Virginia Tech 48, Gonzaga 40

Men’s Intramural

UCF 78, UAFS 60
ASU 57, UAFS 42
North Carolina A&T 79, Missouri A&T 34

Women’s Intramural

Angelo State 38, Missouri State 20

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