With the Championships said and done, it’s time to crown the best of the best from each division.  The All-Tournament teams are individuals that have shown exemplary ability during the tournament, and were a valuable member to their team.  Congratulations to the following individuals earning national All-Tournament honors:

Women’s Division

Sandra Richmond – Texas State
Aylin Prieto – UANL
Yareli Arguijo – UANL
Andrea Delgadillo – UANL
Brittney Jabot – Florida
Jayci Grosso – Florida
All-Tournament MVP:  Olivia Salzman – Florida

Co-Rec Division

Tiana Germaine – Valdosta State
Shannon Thompson – Angelo State
Charles Tapia – Angelo State
Caylee Matocha – Tarleton State
Rylee Hellman – Tarleton State
Ade Dina – North Texas
All-Tournament Male MVP:  Charles Venters – North Texas
All-Tournament Female MVP:  Daisy Pratt – North Texas

Men’s Division

Julian Stephens Jr. – North Carolina A&T
George Johnson – Georgia Southern
Mitch Risley – Georgia College
Michael LaHood – Georgia College
Sal Martinez – Texas-Rio Grande Valley
Diego Chrylser – Texas-Rio Grande Valley
All-Tournament MVP:  AJ Garza – Texas-Rio Grande Valley

We also would like to recognize the three teams that won the Team Sportsmanship Award, for showing positivity and exemplary behavior during the tournament.

Women’s Division:  Texas State
Co-Rec Division:  Valdosta State
Men’s Division:  Missouri-Kansas City

All-Tournament Officials

The NIRSA Championship Series also recognizes the work done by our student officials.  All officials receiving evaluations throughout the tournaments to help improve their overall officiating and help teach their peers back at their programs.  The following officials have been recognized as the 2018 All-Tournament Officials by the Officials Committee:

Nick Calhoun – University of North Georgia
Joseph Chadwick – Georgia Southern University
Joshua Hale – Angelo State University
Logan Lewis – University of Nebraska
Britton Lyon – University of Nebraska
Sarah Ortiz – University of South Florida
Nick Prainito – University of Maryland
Tyler Reese – Georgia Southern University
Brennon Root – University of Nebraska
JC Scott – Creighton University

Congratulations to all of our recognized individuals and teams!