Women’s Championship
Round of 16

Do you have the time? If not we have plenty of extra time.  UCSB was knocked out earlier today and their co-finalist Texas was also knocked out today. Ohio State advanced to the quarterfinal after a 0-0 draw with Texas and 3-2 after 9 rounds of kicks from the mark.  It was tense and each team had opportunities to win it in the earlier rounds.  But it’s Ohio State that powers through to the quarterfinals.

Ohio State will face Wisconsin.  Wisconsin had their own 0-0 draw with California. Wisconsin advanced with a 3-2 win after kicks from the mark.

Colorado didn’t want to feel left out of extra time party. They used a Jenn Brunsdon goal in extra time to advance to the quarterfinals. Colorado fill face Clemson.  Clemson defeated Michigan 2-1.

Men’s Championship
Round of 16

BYU did not suffer the same fate as fellow national champ UCSB. They defeated Colorado State 4-1.  They will next face Florida. Florida used a goal from Michael O’Brien to give them the margin needed to face the defending national champions later tonight.

Oregon came from behind twice and pulled ahead in the 2nd half to advance to the quarterfinals with their 3-2 victory over Michigan. They will next face Ohio State who powered through to a 3-1 victory over ’17 finalist Cal Poly.

Women’s Open

Pool  D: Grand Valley wins pool with 9 points, James Madison 2nd with 6 points (+9 GD), Missouri 3rd with 3 points and Denver 4th with 0 points.

Pool E: San Diego State wins pool with 9 points, Georgia Tech 2nd with 6 points (0 GD), Colorado School of Mines 3rd with 1 point (-3 GD, 1 1 goal for) and Maryland 4th with 1 point (-3 GD, 0 goals for).

Pool F: Boston College wins pool with 7 points (+9 GD), USC 2nd with 7 points (+8 GD), Colorado-Colorado Springs 3rd with 1 point (-8 GD) and Kennesaw State with 1 point (-9 GD).

Once the tournament staff updates the women’s open bracket, we will post it.

FOR OFFICIAL RESULTS please visit: http://play.nirsa.net/soccer/national-championship-results/. Please confirm all results on website and with tournament desk.