We will begin our previews with the men’s open division.

In Pool A, Miami (FL) quarterfinalist from 2017 will be joined by 2017 open competitors Missouri and Cal State Fullerton along with Minnesota State who will make a return to the tournament for the first time since 2008.

Pool B features 2017 quarterfinalist  Illinois “Blue”, 2017 open competitors Cornell and Houston Community College and Northern Iowa an open finalist from 2008.

In Pool C, we have 2017 semifinalist San Diego State. Joining them will be 2017 open competitor Villanova and 2016 competitors LSU and Georgia College.

Pool D: 2017 championship quarterfinalist Minnesota will be joined by 2017 championship consolation quarterfinalist Kansas, 2016 open quarterfinalist Utah Valley and High Point.

In Pool E: 2017 open competitor James Madison will be joined by 2017 championship consolation quarterfinalist Connecticut, Colorado College and Butler.

Finally in Pool F: 2017 quarterfinalist UCLA will be joined by 2016 open competitor Iowa State, Xavier and Carnegie Mellon.

There will be a new open champion this year. Arizona will try its luck in the championship division this year. Which team will come out best? It all starts on Thursday!