A rematch from 2017 will start off Championship Sunday when defending champion Grand Canyon meets Georgia Southern in the women’s intramural national championship game at 9:00 am ET at the RPAC on the Ohio State University campus in the 2018 NIRSA National Basketball Championships.

Four teams remain in both the Unified division and the men’s intramural division.  Tipping off at 9:00 am are the men’s IM semifinals with UCF battling North Carolina A&T and Alabama A&M facing Eastern Washington.  At 10:20, the Unified semifinals feature Florida-Toronto and Duke-Louisville.

Quarterfinal action in the women’s club division also tips off at 9:00 am with NC State-Georgia Tech, Virginia-Prairie View A&M, UConn-Houston CC, and Wisconsin-North Carolina.

In the men’s club quarterfinals that tip off at 10:20 am, New Hampshire faces Georgia Tech, Northern Colorado will battle Wisconsin, USF takes on Air Force, and Texas A&M meets Michigan State.

Catch complete game live streams of the 5 championship games on our NIRSAChamp YouTube channel (tinyurl.com/nirsachamplive).  Follow coverage of other quarterfinal and semifinal action on other courts throughout the morning on our Twitter feeds @NIRSAChamp and @NIRSAChampLive.

Men’s Club Playoff Scores
R1: New Hampshire 61, Notre Dame 59
R1: NC State 62, Ohio State Buckeyes 53
R1: Northern Colorado 65, Butler 43
R1: North Carolina 47, Gonzaga 35
R1: Oregon 70, Georgia Gwinnett 54
R1: Michigan State 69, Penn State 65
R1: UNC Wilmington 51, Wisconsin White 42
R1: CSU Northridge 54, Towson 49
R1: Missouri 58, Ole Miss 38
R1: South Florida 64, Cornell 42
R2: New Hampshire def UNC Pembroke by DF
R2: Georgia Tech 61, NC State 46
R2: Northern Colorado 66, Ivy Tech 53
R2: Wisconsin Red 56, North Carolina 48
R2: Texas A&M 71, Oregon 43
R2: Michigan State 61, UNC Wilmington 55
R2: Air Force 60, CSU Northridge 49
R2: South Florida 63, Missouri 61

Women’s Club Playoff Scores
R1: Penn State 44, USC 39
R1: Virginia Tech 47, James Madison 31
R1: Virginia 36, Gonzaga 20
R1: Ithaca 50, Air Force 41
R1: Delaware 37, Northeastern 29
R1: UW Milwaukee 50, Boise State 42
R1: Grand Canyon 22, UC Davis 13
R1: Niagara 58, Ohio State 46
R2: NC State 47, Penn State 43
R2: Georgia Tech 50, Virginia Tech 42
R2: Virginia 31, Ohio 19
R2: Prairie View A&M 53, Ithaca 42
R2: Wisconsin Red 45, Delaware 28
R2: North Carolina 50, UW Milwaukee 32
R2: UConn 31, Grand Canyon 30
R2: Houston CC 49, Niagara 26

Men’s Intramural Playoff Scores
R1: UW Lacrosse 51, Columbus State 46
QF: UCF 52, UW Lacrosse 47
QF: North Carolina A&T 61, Angelo State 52
QF: Eastern Washington 69, Sul Ross State 67 (OT)
QF: Alabama A&M 44, Georgia Southern 42 (OT)

Women’s Intramural Playoff Scores
QF: North Carolina A&T 38, Saint Peter’s 32
QF: Georgia Southern 40, Baylor 26
QF: Columbus State 40, UW Lacrosse 22
QF: Grand Canyon 63, Angelo State 48
SF: Georgia Southern 46, North Carolina A&T 37
SF: Grand Canyon 56, Columbus State 48

Unified Division
QF: Florida 59, Ohio State 49
QF: Toronto 49, Oakland 36
QF: Louisville 46, Toledo 43
QF: Duke 52, Alabama 33