Thursday 1:15pm Pool Play Games UPDATED Final Scores

Thursday 1:15 pm Games Updated

M-Champ (A): Virginia Tech 1 Colorado “Gold” 5
M-Champ (B): UC San Diego 2 Minnesota “A” 2
M-Champ (C): Stanford 5 Kansas 0
M-Champ (D): Cal Poly 7 UConn “Blue” 1

W-Champ (A): UC Davis 0 Vermont 2
W-Champ (B): Penn State 4 SMU 1
W-Champ (C): Gonzaga 1 Ithaca College 1
W-Champ (D): Florida 1 Ohio 0

M-Open (D): Villanova 1 Xavier 1
M-Open (D): Missouri 1 Colorado School of Mines “B” 1
M-Open (E): James Madison 2 Houston Community College 1
M-Open (E): San Diego State 1 Colorado “Black” 0
M-Open (F): Miami (FL) 3 St. Edward’s 1
M-Open (F): Arizona 4 Colorado-Colorado Springs 0

Matches listed without scores remain in progress.  Updates provided as matches finish.  Watch @NIRSAchamp and #NIRSAsoccer on Twitter for score updates.

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