Next, we’ll see who is here in the women’s championship division!  It looks to be very competitive.

Pool A has 2016 Round of 16 participant Texas and Open participant Vermont. Both teams went undefeated through the entire season. UC-Davis joins the group to see if they can be the ones to put the first “L” of the season on their group opponents.

Pool B contains 2016 Finalist North Carolina which had 1 loss all season through 15 matches. If they wish to get back to the final they must go through Quarterfinalist Penn State and SMU.

Pool C features 2016 Semifinalist Ohio State.  They are joined by Round of 16 participant Gonzaga and Ithaca College.

Pool D will have 2016 Defending National Champions UC-Santa Barbara.  Should they wish to repeat they will have to face Championship participants Florida and Open quarterfinalist Ohio.

Pool E will contain the 2016 Open Champion Virginia Tech.  Can they come into the championship division and win the title?  They will have to face 2016 Quarterfinalist Texas A&M and Northeastern.

Pool F has 2016 Quarterfinalist Colorado State.  Championship participant Delaware and Georgia round-up the group.

Pool G contains 2016 Round of 16 participant Colorado “Gold” who has gone undefeated and untied this year.  Washington University-St. Louis is also so far undefeated.  They will be joined by Michigan.

Finally, Pool H features two 2016 Round of 16 participants Wisconsin and Colorado School of Mines.  Cal Poly rounds out the group.

By my count we have in play:

  • The 2016 national champions (UCSB)
  • The 2014 national champions (Ohio State; freshmen are now seniors)
  • The 2016 finalist (North Carolina)
  • The 2015 finalist (Colorado State)
  • The 2016 open champions (Virginia Tech)
  • The 2014 open champions (Michigan; freshmen now seniors)
  • 5 undefeated teams

Sounds like fun.  Who’ll win?

I want to know.

Let’s find out beginning Thursday.