Valdosta State’s Lance Jarriel captured two MVP awards with outstanding performances in both the men’s and co-rec divisions while UCF’s Tati DeAraujo captured her third consecutive MVP award in the women’s division to lead a group of 21 players and 10 officials named to the All-Tournament Teams at the 2016 NIRSA Flag Football National Championships in Pensacola.

Co-Rec All-Tournament Team
Lance Jarriel, Valdosta State (MVP)
Kymesha Andrew, Mississippi State (MVP)
Courtney Carter, Valdosta State
Tara Dambach, Valdosta State
Tripp Thompson, Valdosta State
TT Jenkins, Valdosta State
Tony Andrew, Mississippi State
Devon Wilde, Angelo State

Women’s All-Tournament Team
Tati Dearujo, UCF (MVP)
Megan O’Hara, UCF
Tiffiany Ellick, North Carolina A&T
La’Quana Hordge, North Carolina A&T
Lionesha Dales, Southern
Lorrie Potts, Angelo State
Ashley Clark, Howard

Men’s All-Tournament Team
Lance Jarriel, Valdosta State (MVP)
Wes Carter, Valdosta State
Justin Brown, Valdosta State
Tyler Chacon, USF
Nick Gimbrone, USF
Casey Braun, Georgia College
Mitch Risley, Georgia College

All-American Officials
Kaulin Andric (Georgia)
Landon Cammack (Georgia Southern)
Logan Cammack (Georgia Southern)
Jessica Gilbert (Georgia)
Cody Huth (Ohio State)
Matt Kirkham (Angelo State)
Nathan Lawless (Ohio)
Nic Matthews (Georgia Southern)
Kyle White (Campbell)
Dan Wrenholt (Indiana)