The 2016 Virginia Tech women’s open division champion was all business.

They started the tournament with a 10-0 victory over Denver.  They also took care of business of winning their pool by defeating Cornell 2-1 and winning their quarterfinal match over Ohio 3-0.

Defending women’s open champion UCLA was next on their list.  They fell behind in the match when UCLA scored against the run of play.  Virginia Tech still felt in control.  Virginia Tech seemed to possess the ball longer than UCLA.  A goal was coming. It did to square the match.  After 95 minutes, it was time for kicks from the mark.  It took 7 rounds to decide a winner.  But Virginia Tech came out on top.

In the final, Virginia Tech faced Oregon.  They were not messing around to start the match.  Virginia Tech scored 2 goals in the first 5 minutes. A 2nd half goal from Oregon cut the lead in half.  But Virginia Tech took care of business and held on for the win and the open crown.

Virginia Tech scored 18 goals while giving up 3. They played their matches with business like proficiency.  When they were down, they did not give up.  When they were ahead, they made sure they stayed that way.  They had a toughness and discipline that carried them to the title.  All business.

Congratulations to the 2016 Women’s Open Champions: Virginia Tech!