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With the results at 3:00 pm in, pools in the men’s championship are getting clearer.

Michigan defeated UCONN 2-0 and leads Pool E.  Michigan will win the pool if Colorado School of Mines does not win by 3 or more goals over UCONN.  A  2-0 win over UCONN will most likely force kicks from the mark at a time to be determined for 1st place between Colorado School of Mines and Michigan. A UCONN win will place them second in the pool.  A draw will place Colorado School of Mines in the next round.

Cincinnati wins pool F.  Their 2 wins advance them to the Round of 16.  Tufts and Colorado State will play for 2nd. The winner will advance to the Round of 16.  A draw will favor Tufts with Tufts at a -1 and Colorado State at a -2.

Utah State defeats North Texas 2-0 in pool G.  Ohio State wins the group with a draw or better.  Utah State advances as 2nd place if Ohio State wins or draws.  A tiebreaker will be needed to determine places if North Texas wins.  Currently, Ohio State is at +1, North Texas is at -2 and Utah State is done at +1 in goal differential.

In pool H St. Louis lost to Virginia 1-0 which places them in consolation.  Virginia and San Diego State will play to determine the winner of pool H.  The winner wins.  A draw will favor San Diego State as their goal differential is at a +2 with Virginia at a +1.

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